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The Misty Forest by Loona-Cry The Misty Forest by Loona-Cry
Been a long time since I last put anything decent up as I've been really busy with uni, but have a landscape. I made this as a background for my Photoshop/general art tutorial blog which you can find find here:

I kept it relatively dark and desaturated to make things easier on the eyes seeing as there's plenty of reading to do on the blog. I thought I'd run with something more painterly, again, as I don't want people's attention to the background instead of the content. I think it works, but I'm half blind so that might just be me. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper but any rehosting anywhere is strictly prohibited.

Brownie points to whoever works out the process I used to paint it!
itsMeowOrNever Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Could I use this as background on a 2D Avatar Chatsite? I would give you full credit, and that is mandatory for it to even be accepted an an applicable upload.

I have to have your permission and credit you, and I would not remove the signature. 
Bigfish22 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
well you got the brush tool and a tablet and u painted it... :P
Looks nice! your improving, how I don't know, but its cool to see :P
Loona-Cry Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, it's the brush tool which you need to paint. =P Check this out:…
Same technique.
Well, generally, to improve you identify your mistakes and fix them the next time around and build on previous work using that experience. ^^
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